Welcome to Badgers!

Badgers’ class teacher is Mrs Young and the TA’ is Mrs Smith

If you were unable to attend the Meet the teacher meeting you can click here to open the power point.

Here are the end of year expectations for Year 2.

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Mr Thorne does phonics – You Tube

Animal Escapes from Longleat Zoo!

Autumn Term 1

On Tuesday 10th September an animal escaped from Longleat Zoo. It was last sighted roaming the streets of Durrington before entering the school grounds. An article in the Salisbury Journal provided some vital facts for the children to look into. Badger Class became detectives as we scoured the grounds looking for clues. The children found fact cards, animal poo, half eaten fruit and hay scattered from one end of the school to the other. After gathering all the facts the children managed to work out the identity of the missing animal; an African elephant! Luckily Mrs Bingley had also been looking and had found CCTV images of the elephant in the school pirate ship. The elephant was safely returned to the Zoo.

Artists at Work

Autumn Term 1

Today Badgers welcomed a new member to the class. The children did a fantastic job of helping her settle in and proved to be outstanding ambassadors for the school. The children took part in an art session to welcome their new friend. They drew and then painted a portrait of themselves using water colours.

Marvelous Mathematicians!

Autumn Term 1

Badger class have been working hard in maths to partition 2-digit numbers in different ways! They feel very proud of themselves. Why not ask them to show you what they have been learning about at home!

Our Senses

Autumn Term 1

We have been exploring our senses in Science over the last two weeks. This week we tried and tested different foods, instruments and smells to see what we did and did not like. t.

Forest School Art

Autumn Term 1

During forest school we looked at how to draw Meerkats. We used water colours to paint them.