Welcome to Mole Class!

I am Mrs Scott the Moles' class teacher and I am supported by my wonderful TA, Mrs Nash.

Please keep checking this page, along with the notice board outside the Year 2 classrooms for any updates.
We are looking forward to a fantastic year filled with lots of fun experiences.

Thank you, 

Mrs Scott.

Forest school day - Term 1- Tuesday 13th September

Activity 1 –The children created a parrot or a pirate ship out of natural materials such as logs, leaves, branches, pinecones. They were thinking about proportion and the effect of what it would look like from a bird’s eye view.

Activity 2 – The children were mapping out the Forest School area. They were looking at and for key land marks, such as the nursery, outdoor classroom, trees etc. As well as the landmarks they were looking at the shape of the area that we are working in. Children then created their own map, thinking about the proportion of what they are drawing and thinking about the different map symbols that they know/can use/create.

Activity 3 - The children were looking at the tidiness of the pond area and were given a  chance to suggest how they can make the area neat and tidy. During this process the children thought about the different plants that are around them had and how the area might be different in a few weeks/months due to seasonal changes.