Read Connected!

Salisbury academies get CONNECTED!  

FOUR academies on the Salisbury Plain have taken delivery of their very own magazine. 

Salisbury Plain Academies, a multi-academy trust consisting of Durrington All Saints Infant School, Bulford St Leonard’s Primary School, Avon Valley College and St Michael’s Primary School (Figheldean) has published its very own magazine, imaginatively titled ‘Connected’.

Helen Mathieson, CEO of the multi-academy trust said: “We are a busy group of schools – there’s so much going on and so much to say! Connected is an ideal publication for us to communicate our schools’ progress, plans and successes.

“We are thrilled with the magazine, and can’t wait to distribute it to our thousands of recipients - families, staff and stakeholders.”

Many independent schools publish glossy magazines, but for state-funded schools the cost of these publications can be a barrier; SPA covered this cost through sponsorship.

Ms Mathieson said: “Connected is a high-quality schools’ magazine created to carry the SPA message across our area, informing parents, families and businesses as to what the future of local education is shaping up to be. But, as a state-funded organisation, our funds are limited. So, we worked with a local company, EMPRA, to generate sponsorship to cover the cost of the magazine.” 

EMPRA is a national PR and marketing company based in Andover.

“EMPRA worked closely with us and helped us shape our ideas into this beautiful publication – anyone who has young and teenage children, or has any interest in compulsory education can’t help but be engaged by Connected.”

The Connected magazine has been so well received that the Trust is already planning the next one – due out in February next year. The current edition of Connected is available to view here: