Parents stay and play

Parents of Reception class pupils at Durrington Infant School, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, were invited to school recently for a 'stay and play' event. 

“We wanted to give parents the opportunity to meet teachers and see their children at school,” said class teacher, Amanda Morgan. “It also gave the children the chance to show their parents around.”

Four year old pupil Jasper Cornwell really enjoyed having his dad in school with him. 

“I made something with paper,” he explained. “I stuck leaves on it and daddy helped me find the leaves. That made me happy and daddy enjoyed it.”

The stay and play event was organised as the experience is important to both children and parents because it demonstrates how school and parents are in partnership working together to help their children learn.

“Everyone from Foxes and Owls class had a lovely time trying to find autumn coloured leaves and making super hero masks,” said Class teacher, Debbie Budd. “It was great fun for the children to have a learning experience with their parents.”