Baking stars

Pupils from Durrington Infant School, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, learnt all about the history of bread recently when a baker visited the school.

Sam Reeves from Reeves the Baker came in to tell the children how bread is made and also explain why bread was so important back in 1666. 

The Year 2 pupils are learning about the Great Fire of London this term. The fire started at a bakery in Pudding Lane and spread rapidly across the City of London. 

“The baker’s visit was a fantastic experience for the children. They amazed us with how much they had remembered about the fire and asked intriguing and fascinating questions about baking and bakeries,” said Year 2 teacher, Jodie Scott.

The children also got to try three types of bread; brown, white and sour dough. After they’d tucked in Sam Reeves asked if any of the children had any ideas for any new products.

Six year old Freddie suggested apple bread, “But with chunks of apple and without the peel. It would taste yummy,” he said. 

Fellow Year 2 pupil Bertie said he loved trying all the different types of bread. “The bread was spongy and when you squashed the sour dough it opened back up,” he said.