Reptile Ranch at Durrington!

Pupils from Year 1 at Durrington Infants School, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, shared their classroom with some unusual class mates recently. 

They were visited by The Reptile Ranch who bought along various reptiles including tortoises, snakes, millipedes and a tegu. The pupils, who have been learning all about amazing animals this term, were able to hold them and find out about where they live, what they eat and lots of other interesting facts. 

“The experience was fantastic,” said Sian Morrish, Year 1 Teacher. “The children loved the chance to meet and hold the animals. They have been talking about the experience for days.” 

The visit has also helped with the children’s writing this term as they are focusing on non-fiction texts. The children will use the information they have learnt to write about a selection of animals in their very own book. 

 “I really enjoyed it because I learnt lots of new facts, like tortoises are actually quite fast,” said six year old pupil Rosie.