Values Day

On Wednesday 23rd January we had our first whole school Values Day.  The children were split into groups and spent the morning working on activities exploring three of our school’s values, Friendship, Respect and Happiness. 

Throughout the morning they discovered more about our values and what they mean in practice.

For the Respect workshop the children listened to a story about respecting the environment. They talked about what we throw away and whether we could recycle more, then they designed a food munching bin for the playground to put their waste fruit in to..

In the Happiness workshop the children thought about what makes them happy and created a cake of these ingredients.

In the Friendship workshop the children listened to the story of The Rainbow Fish, wrote prayers on seaweed shapes, drew their favourite part of the story, designed a perfect friend and made scales in order to create a large display of their work.

The morning was a great success and so we will be planning another Values Day during the summer term.