Chicks hatch at Durrington Infants!

On Monday 11th March, 30 little eggs arrived at Durrington Infant school.

Mole, Hedgehog and Badger class were all given the job of helping the little eggs hatch into brand new baby chicks.

We placed the eggs into an incubator to keep them warm. On Tuesday there were already signs of hatching happening. Eggs were starting to crack and when we arrived at school on Wednesday morning there were 12 little baby chicks waiting to greet us.

They were exhausted and hungry. Once they had dried off and become fluffy we transferred them into the brooder box where they had food, water and warmth from a light. Over the next 24 hours the other chicks began to hatch.

We have had an amazing time watching them grow and holding them. We have loved having our extra little friends for the past two weeks and we are excited to have re-homed some of them with our families.