Moles rediscover 'Lost Words'

During our English learning on Monday Mrs Scott introduced us to the book ‘Lost Words’ by Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris. We spent time trying to work out why the book had been given this title. We looked through all the enchanting illustrations and poems inside.

We found out that the book is called ‘Lost Words’ because all the words inside are words that do not appear in most dictionaries anymore.

As a class we discussed each of the animals and plants inside. Some of the words we did not know in our class were;

  • Bramble

  • Fern

  • Ivy

  • Wren

  • Kingfisher

  • Bluebell.

We read some of the beautiful poems from the book and looked at how the writer had laid them out on the page. We worked out that they are all acrostic poems because they use the letters from the title at the start of each new line.

We then went out to explore the school grounds and to find some of the amazing plants from our new book.

Keep checking back for news on our adventures inside this fantastic book!