Primary Engineering Competition

In the week before the May holiday Durrington Infant School took six STEM ambassadors from Year 1 and 2 to a Primary Engineering competition which was held at the Boscombe Aviation Centre.  The children were tasked with designing a vehicle with a specific purpose and gained extra points for including safety features.  The three entries were: a turtle submarine which sucks litter up from the ocean; a plane that carries you to different countries so that you can learn about different cultures; and a bus that goes around teaching people how to recycle in order to make the planet a better place.


The children were judged against other schools and had to talk to a RAF engineer about their designs.  They then got the opportunity to test their vehicles against the other schools in one of the aircraft hangars.  Our pupils were amongst the youngest there and were competing against children in Key Stage 2 at the apprentice level.  They did an amazing job, talking about their designs and inventions with confidence.