Minutes of the Parent Forum meeting held on Wednesday 14th and Friday 16th November

Online safety powerpoint shown at the November Parent Forum meeting

Minutes of the Parent Forum meeting held on Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Powerpoint shown at the 06.07.18 Parent Forum meeting

Minutes of the Parent Forum meeting on Tuesday 6th July 2018

What is a Parent Forum?

A Parent Forum is a partnership between parents and the school. It is a valuable way to share ideas, views, concerns and make suggestions for improvement.

The aims of the Parent Forum will be to:

  • work together to improve the education provided for our children

  • share information, knowledge and skills

  • meet in a mutually supportive environment

  • further improve communications between parent/carers and staff/governors

The Parent Forum will:

  • Work closely with the Governing Body (Academy Advisory Board) and School Leadership Team to ensure an open and beneficial dialogue exists .

  • Encourage closer links between home and school, helping parents and carers engage with their children's learning.

  • Assist governors, teachers and staff by commenting on new initiatives, drawing attention to areas of concern and contributing to solutions.

  • Enhance communication with and between all members of the school community .

  • Develop and disseminate ideas that improve the life of the school.

What will the Parent Forum not do?

The Parent Forum is not a decision-making body. It is a body which can feed in views and represent the parents and carers of issues surrounding the school.

The Parent Forum is also not the place to discuss concerns or complaints involving individual children, families or members of staff.